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Concierge Mykonos Services Unique was founded in 2010 and was built to satisfy the growing need for quality concierge mykonos services in Greece.We are the leading concierge & lifestyle managment services provider in Mykonos & Athens and is the first Greek concierge company who became a member ofICLMA(International Concierge & Lifestyle Management Association).Concierge Unique is a Greek private company based in Mykonos island and was created by ourCEO Mr. Tolis Voutsas, who had as his only guide -while building this company- the famous Greek hospitalityConcierge Unique is the only company you need to get in touch with, in order to have all the luxuries you are accustomed to, follow you to Greece.Concierge Unique is a team of industry professionals, sworn to dedicate their full time in making you and your loved ones feel at total ease and comfort, in a totaly luxurious, unique and safe environment.


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