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The cost of mobile app development in Cape Town varies, therefore if you're looking for our standard pricing in Cape Town, go here. What does it cost to create an app for your company? It's the first thing you should consider when estimating app development costs in 2022.

In South Africa, the cost of producing a mobile app is:

When you start looking for pricing for your fantastic new app concept, the first thing you'll notice is that there's a wide range of rates available. Just for development, the most recent app I cost received quotations ranging from R 120 000 to R 880 000. Yes, those were estimates for the same project. This is the kind of wild pricing variance you'll see in this industry.

For a simple mobile app, the international benchmark is $10,000 to $12,000. R130k – R160k is the range. And since you're dealing with an Indian development firm, you'd better make sure your communication skills are top-notch. Even if you think you're interacting with a South African, the job is being done in the background by an India-based development company.

With the prices we pay our developers, a South African company would struggle to complete the software at that pricing and make a profit. For the same app, local developers will charge you in the range of R250k+. That's not everything..

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